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SECURITY, the film. 2020.

When I was directing BERLIN, I LOVE YOU a couple of years ago I realized something. I realized I am essentially European, despite the many Hollywood films I'd made. I promised myself I would return.


I'm an Honorary Citizen of Fivizzano, Tuscany, Italy. I've had a house there for 19 years. I speak Italian. I finally made my Italian film this year. In Italian. I was blessed with Italy's 'A' list actors and they were a dream to work with. We shot the entire film in Forte Dei Marmi, where the story is set. My co-writer, Tinker Lindsay, and I adapted the novel SECURITY, by Stephen Amidon. My crew was excellent. The cinematographer was Oscar Winner, Mauro Fiore. The Studio was Sky Italia and Vision Distribution. The production company was Indiana Productions, Milan. This project was born out of my long-time relationship with the producer, Marco Cohen.

Beyond the simple geography of it all, I suppose this is a departure for me - there isn't a laugh in this film. It's a pretty dark drama. However, the thing is - it's all the same job to me. It's not like 'putting on a different hat'. Being hard to categorize is a plus and a minus in this business. I made this film for Italy, with no eye on any particular outcome other than making a good film and having fun in the process. And to have made a film from start to finish in the year of Covid now feels like quite a feat. Total gratification.

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